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We supply ALL Dupont Disposable Coveralls

Buy all Your Tyvek Disposable Coveralls and Overalls from Indigo

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Our range…

Dupont Tyvek 800 J CHA5 White Overalls


The new garment from DuPont, based on the barrier performance of Tyvek®, that uses proprietary technology to combine durable protection against oil and pressurised jets of liquids with fabric breathability - the first in the Type 3 (liquid tight) garment category. Colour: white.

Dupont Tyvek Tychem 4000 S CHZ5 White Overalls


Made from DuPont™ Tyvek® laminated with a chemical-resistant film, presents wearers with an optimum barrier against a range of chemical environments and hazards while also being supple and lightweight.

Dupont Tyvek.Industry White Overalls


Protect both wearers from hazards and processes and products from human contamination, all without compromising on comfort. Fabric permeation protection against water-based inorganic low concentration chemicals. Robust; highly resistant to abrasion and tear. Inherent barrier protection and protection in use. Extremely low-linting and silicon-free fabric properties Excellent fit for enhanced protection with internally stitched seams which reduce the risk of contamination by the garment, reducing particle penetration from inside the garment to the outside, elasticated waist is not glued-in and the elasticated cuffs and ankles provide an ideal fit (latex-free) Chemical protective clothing - Category III, Type 5 and 6. Particle inward leakage of 3% according to Type 5*. Class 1 radioactive particulate protection according to EN 1073-2. Dupont Tyvek Labo White Overalls with Hood


Labo is a overall especially designed for use in laboratories and in the pharmaceutical industry. Tyvek Labo acts as a barrier that protects both the wearer from chemical threats and the process from contamination by the wearer.

Dupont Tychem.'F' Hooded Grey Overalls


Provides an even greater barrier against aggressive chemicals, toxic substances, gases and most organic chemicals. Manufactured to meet the seam-tightness requirements and whole-suit tests defined by the new European standards for Chemical Protective Clothing of Types 3 and 4. The combination of the film and the polymer provide a particle-tight material with good resistance to penetration and permeation by many liquids and gases. Flexible and lightweight yet strong. Stitched and taped seams. 100% protection against hazardous dust and powders. Anti-statically treated.

Dupont Tyvek.CHF5 Classic Xpert Green Overalls


Hooded overall. Ergonomic-protective design. Stitched external seams. Elasticated wrists, ankles and face. Elasticated waist (glued-in). Tyvek® zipper and flap

Dupont Easysafe.Safespec Chemical Protective White Overalls


New more open polyethylene structured fabric than Tyvek, offering protection, durability and comfort. Elasticated stitched in waist. Elasticated hood, cuffs and ankles. Nylon zip.

Dupont Tyvek.Classic Xpert White Overalls


Non-woven, lightweight, tough, abrasion resistant material with good tensile and tear strength equally strong wet or dry. All coveralls are limited splash tight, particle tight. Tyvek-Classic® garments offers the ultimate combination of protection, durability and comfort. It is anti-static, non-linting and silicone-free

Dupont Tychem.C Hooded Yellow Overalls


Comfortable, lightweight protection against biohazards and chemicals offers Type 3-B, 4, 5 and 6 barrier protection against a wide range of inorganic chemical and biological hazards. Ergonomic fit helps wearers to handle even difficult tasks more easily and comfortably. Resists liquid splashes up to 2 bar. Has a chemical permeation barrier to a broad range of concentrated inorganic chemicals 100% particle-tight fabric, protection includes fibres and particulate radioactive contamination. Can be disposed of via standard means according to legislation and regulations as Tychem® does not contain halogens. Stitched, over-taped seams offer the same permeation barrier as the fabric. Chemical protective clothing Category III, Type 3-B, 4, 5 and 6. Colour: yellow



Made of Tyvek®, with slip-retardant sole and elastic on the top and on ankle

We also supply;

Tyvek Gusset Envelope

Tyvek Gusset Envelope Peel and Seal White

Tyvek Envelope Peel and Seal White

11790 ENVELOPE C5 POCKET 229x162mm P/SEAL WHT (PK-100)

Tyvek Pocket Envelope C5 229 x 162mm Peel and Seal White Pk 100 551024


Pro-Tech Overshoes

Provides protection against a vast range of hazards. With elasticated opening. Sold in pairs



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